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Gold Package

The Gold Package provides you with a thorough and constructive critique of your routine. The judge will talk throughout your whole routine providing you with insight to help take you to the next level. We also include a written summary highlighting strengths and areas for improvement. 

Solo/Duo/Trio   $45

Group    $60

Platinum Package

Take it to the next level with the Platinum Package. The judge will talk more in depth on areas to work on, pressing the pause button when needed to expound on ideas. A written summary highlighting strengths and areas for improvement will also be included.

Solo/Duo/Trio    $70

Group    $90

Package Deals

Want to really up your game? Purchase a package deal and receive three or more platinum audio critiques at a gold price; that way you are able to check in every once and a while to make sure your routine really improves to be the best it can be. 

Example: Receive one critique in November, one in January (pre competition season) and one in March (mid-competition season)

Solo/Duo/Trio (3 critiques)   $135

Group (3 critiques)   $180

How It Works

Fill out the contact form below or email us at info@judges-table.com identifying the service you require. Your video can be sent to us in a number of formats (we recommend uploading to YouTube as an unlisted video).

Studio Discounts

Discounts for studio owners are available! Have a number of group routines or solos that you want critiques for? We offer discounts to studios to meet your needs.

In Studio Judge's Experience

How It Works

Customize an in studio Judge's Experience that's right for your studio. Have a judge (or two or three... it's up to you!) come to your studio to critique and coach your routines so you're ready to hit the stage this competition season. Judge's Table takes care of the travel and logistics to make it easy for you.

Create the event that's right for you and your students! 


  • Have a one day solo/duo/trio experience where a judge (or judges) will watch and critique/coach all your solo/duo/trios
  • Have a two day whole competition team event where a judge (or judges) will watch and critique/coach all your competition routines
  • Add a workshop to make the experience even more fun


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